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Naruto Ninja RPG Rules and Information

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Naruto Ninja RPG Rules and Information

Post by Bill on Sun Oct 03, 2010 1:04 pm

First of all, please read this topic before role-playing.

Naruto Ninja RPG! is basically a forum for role-playing using Naruto references.
Simply, you create your own ninja in the Ninja Application Section(Link to Application Section is found on the bottom of this topic), if it gets approved by a moderator or myself, you're ready to RP.

Off-Topic Rules:
If you wish to go off-topic while role-playing, please do so like this:


{Write your On-Topic part of the topic here}

{Write whatever it is you want}


*Dodges your shurikens, and escapes the battle*

Hey Cindy are you gonna be online tomorrow?
Or as long as you put something to represent its off topic.

Role-Playing Rules:

When you RP, please be nice to others, and don't do kill the joy. RP nicely, and remember, don't cheat. If you're using some sort of Jutsu that you don't have in your application, you will be warned.

ALSO, if you do not even have a character and you post in the RP section, you will be warned TWICE. Which means your warning bar will be reduced two times. No excuses, thats why you have to read the rules.

Warning Rules:

Warning is just a basic warning. Once a person gets 4 warnings, they get a visit from the Ban hammer. They will be banned for TWO WEEKS. If banned twice, you will be IP blocked.

Application Rules:

Please follow the application format when create an application. If a person does not, their application will not get approved.


Create your Ninja! Link:

Have fun RPing, more rules will be added soon.

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Re: Naruto Ninja RPG Rules and Information

Post by Taiga on Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:17 pm

The Rules.

Adding onto Bill, these are the things you have to read. We will be checking, and you will be held responsible for the information here. We may not be the cops, but we do not take ignorance as an excuse. So here we are.

The Absolutes
These are the rules that if you break them, I will rain down fire onto your character, strike them with lightening, do something bad to them until they die. Then I will have a funeral, and if you make another character and do it again, I will ban you from my site.
Disobeying the Admins. As far as this board is concerned, we are gods. If you piss us off too badly, we may delete you. No one will be deleted for no reason, which means, please don't give us a reason.

-Absolutely NO God-modding. This means that if it is not your character, you do not get to determine what he or she does. Helpful tip: if you're not sure, DON'T DO IT OR ASK SOMEONE.

-Out of Character Fighting. We all love a little drama, but let's keep it between characters, okay? Handle your conflicts maturely; talk things out in PM. Failing that, PM an admin, and we will gladly help. If it comes down to throwing insults publicly, you may be banned.

The Generals
These are the rules that are pretty basic, but there are exceptions. Basically, if you have an objection to one of these, PM an admin, and we will discuss it.

-Numbers. There is no technical limit to the number of characters you may play. However, the characters you take may not be in the same family or subplot as one another. Which means, keep it down to a reasonable number. If you can handle five characters, go ahead. But if it gets up in the double digits, you might be receiving a PM asking what's going on.

-Registering: Please make sure you register.

-Activity. Stay active! That means if you're going to be gone for more than a couple of days, post in the 'Leaving' thread. Try to get on every day or two, just so the people you're posting with don't get frustrated or stuck, but we all understand the real life trumps imaginationland.

-Posts. Please make sure you post more then 2 line's. (I'm Only setting a Limit because this will help the person making the post's develop and grow better at RPing)

-Original Characters: We are not allowing any Canon Character's at the moment. So everyone must make a Original Character.

-Rating. This site is rated R. This means that sex, drugs, violence, and anything else you want to put in is welcome. The catch? Put a "mature" warning label on the thread if it include's sex. This can be on the first post, or, if it takes an unexpected turn, at the top of the first post in which anything graphic happens. It MUST be obvious. Don't like graphic scenes? Don't read them. Don't write them.

-Advertising. Discussion of other sites in the Cbox is one thing. Saying "go visit my site" will result in annoyed admins (See Rule #1). Instead of putting a link to your site in the C-Box, Send them a PM. Follow directions, post where appropriate, and we'll all be fine.

-Changes. May occur at any time. We, the admins, have the right to update these rules. We may or may not inform you at the time, so make sure you scan these every once in awhile.

Thanks for reading, and happy role-playing!

-Admin ; Taiga

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