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What's Konoha?

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What's Konoha?

Post by Taiga on Sun Oct 03, 2010 10:30 pm

Konoha is known for its amazing resources in trade and efficient system of economy. As a result, the whole country is filled with trade out posts and smaller towns that the village utilizes to increase its wealth. The people in Konoha are a very close knit, most bound together by what they call the Will of Fire, the unbreakable faith that whenever there is misery, they will all be there for each other. The Leaf village is constantly filled with socialites and smiles, people laughing and chatting it away in the streets all night and day.

Its not very uncommon for there to be huge gatherings and the sort in the center of Konoha, being as they like to gather together in their brotherhood. But, Konoha isn't as bright and joyful in the underground, as the outside makes it seem. Dark secrets run deep within the heart and soul of the village. With the massacre of the Uchiha in past generations. The turmoil with the Hyuuga, that even though is said to be gone, still has evidence of existing. Clans are constantly clashing, with both themselves and those outside of them. Its not uncommon for people to be killed for the sake of some secrets. Crude hardships, and possibly the maker of the worlds greatest enemies. Some that know of these things say that the Will of Fire is truly the only thing holding Konoha together and stopping these dark truths to clash.

This village tends to give out escort and retrieval type mission, things that will increase their range of influence and trade. They have a lot of business type missions to, sending ninja out to be ambassadors to smaller towns and countries. Contrary to popular belief, when war breaks out Konoha tends to be the first village setting up troops for the offensive lines.

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