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What's Kumo?

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What's Kumo?

Post by Taiga on Sun Oct 03, 2010 10:36 pm

Kumo is located high up in the mountain tops, the village is actually spread out through the entire mountain range. Open to tourists, Kumo practically sends out invitations to anyone who wishes to pay them a visit. Kumo is a pacifist village, which will try to avoid war at all cost. The members of the village of are of its leaders highest priority, and the village will do anything to keep these people safe.

Due to the cavern works within the mountains the villages are set upon, there are multiple parts of the village that are hidden inside the mountain.

The Raikage’s tower sits on one of the highest mountain in the mountains, and it is both grand and elegant. Literally built around the peak of the mountain, its hangs over the sides, symbolizing the harmony and balance in the village. Most of the mountains are connected through the caverns within the mountains, and every peak has some sort of building for the sky guards to attack from.

If war was ever to break out in the Shinobi World, Kumo would be the last to partake in the violence. They would raise their defenses and help any outposts in defense. If war is absolutely necessary, Kumo will go full force, in hope of ending it as quickly as possible with minimal casualties on both sides.

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