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What's Iwa?

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What's Iwa?

Post by Taiga on Sun Oct 03, 2010 10:43 pm

Iwa is placed in the discreet areas of the Naruto Continent. Dead plants and barren wastelands stretch across the entire country. The village is made entirely of stone, a large portion of it even being under the ground. The people residing of Iwa are known to be very nationalistic, and take that sense of patriotism into their honor. They love their village, and will do anything for it. Iwa believes the necessity of no mercy, training fighters, said to be the most competent ninja force of all the villages combined.

Like a lot of villages, the village is very high on the defense, being surrounded by a near impenetrable wall created by the first Tsuchikage. One fact about this wall is that there are no gates, since the guards use Doton jutsu to go through it and allow access to the village. In fact, the only difference in the wall is the Sentinel Tower, headquarters and main housing complex for the guards and their superiors. Because of this, few people worry about being attacked. In fact, Iwa has never taken on a head attack, since very few people even know where it is. One of these reasons could very well also be due to the amazing offense Iwa has. Their militaristic and patriotic nature makes the ninjas of Iwa ready almost to the point of paranoia.

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