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What's Kiri?

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What's Kiri?

Post by Taiga on Sun Oct 03, 2010 10:50 pm

The village of Kiri is known for its remorseless methods. Nicknamed the Bloody Mist, the traditions of Kiri may have mellowed a bit in the years of peace, but they are still rather harsh when compared to other villages. The village has a booming economic status, having control of the seas, and a massive trading fleet, trading with all countries but most significantly with Iwagakure and it's notorious slave trading. Their control over the seas makes Kiri possibly the most economically influential of them all.

Kiri, although alone in the seas, does its best to communicate with the important countries but more so with their larger buyers. Being providers of the sea resources no other village can fully supply. Entering Kiri means going into a village filled with buildings, most days being dusk and cloud covered. Commonly in moist environments, the scent of blood does not carry easily, although if any blood is spilled, those who love it the most are often the first aware. Most of the residents hate each other, fights not being uncommon, and bars spot the countryside.

So keep in mind as you walk through Kiri, that even though you won’t be able to smell the blood, it will always linger their ...

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