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Metal's Mod Rules

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Metal's Mod Rules

Post by DeiderereraLOL(akaMetal) on Sun Oct 03, 2010 11:21 pm

Chances are while reading this, you're probably like "Oh, what more rules and BS?"
Yes, but these are my rules i probably might refer to when I catch you doing something that goes against these rules. These are my "MOD" rules, and if you don't follow them, I can tell you right now, someone's getting an ass kicking.

*Rule 1 : DO NOT DISRESPECT OTHERS : If I catch you starting or joining and arguement, or insulting someone very harshly, I will give you a warning. Please do not do this at ALL! If someone makes you mad, or someone says something insulting to you, consult us. They will get warned and if you or that person continues, you WILL get warned.

*Rule 2 : Off-topicness. I cannot stress this enough. Unless this is your local lets-have-fun zone, please be on-topic. If you're a little off-topic, It's okay.
Example of Okay Off Topic: Hey, your kunai is supposed to be broken, i thought it broke =(
Example of Not-Okay Off Topic: Hey, i heard there was this one site that sells a bunch of earrings =D

*Rule 3 : ABUSING : I understand if u have an awesome gawdly ass jutsu that u wanna use it like everytime, but don't abuse sht. Just cause u got Drill Stabber Jutsu and that it can pierce everything doesn't mean that everything you do has to involve it.
Abusement can also be abusing something else, or even abusing a person, ect ect.

*Rule 4 : No TROLLING or FUCKING AROUND : I say this because it will probably happen, It's where they totally just screw around for the hell of it, go do that somewhere else
Example : *During a RP*
Person 1: Shoots ninja stars at other character
Person 2: Deflects with galick gun and takes out 12 gauge rifle and shoots ur head with Chuck Norris's shotgun, oh and RWJ SUCKS BALLLZZZZZZZ (ALSO VERY OFF-TOPIC!)

*Rule 5 : This is the most important rule of them all, Do not ever say that this whole thing is gay or say bullsht about how your life sucks and stuff on here. Don't say Naruto is the stupidest thing in the world and sht. If you are, then leave right now. Don't say sht about other animes, and don't say sht about how stuff on here isn't fair. As stated in rule one, DONT INSULT OR SAY ANY MEAN THINGS TO ANYBODY! ESPECIALLY ADMINS OR MODS. As long as you follow these 5 Basic and Often Repeated rules, all of this RPing will be fun, Thank you

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