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Bill's Summon Application - Lightning Squalo

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Bill's Summon Application - Lightning Squalo

Post by Bill on Mon Oct 04, 2010 10:32 pm

Name: Lightning Squalo (Lightning Shark)

Owner's Name: Bill

Type: Fish?

Gender: Male

Height: 5'5

Weight: 200 lbs

Lightning Squalo is basicly a big lightning form thats sharped like a Shark. It swims very swiftly through water, and if something touches it, it zaps the person/thing, unless it chooses not too. Fighting Lightning Squalo in the water is like creating your own grave, because water conducts with electricity. Since LS is swimming through the water, lightning shocks will be everywhere on the water, zapping you.

Personality: Calm, Loyal.


Weapons: N/A

Chakra Type: Lightning

Jutsu(Up to five):

Lightning Shock Wave Jutsu
[Shoots out a beam of Lightning towards the opponent.]

Lightning Prison Jutsu
[Sends out electricity towards the opponent, if the opponent touches the tiniest amount, they will become paralyzed and cannot move.]

Lightning Splitting Jutsu
[The form of Lightning Squalo's electricity is split into multiple pieces. Because of this, Lightning Squalo can reform if cut or damaged. Basically, it clones itself to many multiple electricity forms.]

Finishing Move: Electric Cutter (Only can be used if it is in Lightning Splitting form)

[All the lightning forms surrounds the enemy. Once surrounded, all the forms instantly zaps the enemy at full power. The enemy cannot escape before the attack either, because the lightning forms are all around the enemy. If the enemy jumps up out of the range of the attack, the lightning follows the enemy, still hitting.
Zero chance of escaping.]

Lightning Combo: Ultimate Chidori
[I hop on Lightning Squalo's back and ride on him, while doing so, I'm charging up my Chidori Jutsu. Once charged, Lightning Squalo uses his lightning to blast me towards the foe at full speed. The lightning then combines with my Chidori, making it 3x more powerful.]


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