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Tonou Clan Members and Information

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Tonou Clan Members and Information

Post by Bill on Tue Oct 12, 2010 6:43 pm

CURRENTLY: Recruiting for a Mist Leader: There will be an event hosted to determine someone to become a Mist Leader for the Tonou Clan.

The Tonou Clan is a clan from the Hidden Rain and Mist Village. Only RAIN AND MIST ninjas may be able to join this clan. This clan mainly uses water style jutsus, such as "Water Dragon Jutsu" or "Water Prison Jutsu", just mainly things connected with water.

The Tonou Clan were seperated by the rain and mist from the Ninja World War. They divided themselves to cover more land during battle and to ambush the enemy. After the war ended, they decided it was a good idea to seperate to cover more land and to make the clan famous. Their style of fighting is normally ambush or decieve the enemy, then kill. Another way is they somehow trap or corner the enemy, then take the enemy out with their ultimate jutsu. Their clan takes training seriously, and train as much as possible.

Tonou's Clan Bloodline/Gekkei Genkai Techniques:
[*] Aquagan - [Doujutsu type technique (Eye Technique) - Is able to read the opponents movements in an instant and copy their techniques like the Sharingan's. If using Aquagan near water or at water, its power is increased. It allows me to create strong genjutsu and learn the opponents jutsu's before they even preform it.]

[*] The Killing Mist - [Doujutsu type technique (Eye Technique) - Only usable if Aquagan is being used an if near or at water - Just by doing a single handsign or if the enemy looks towards my eye, the get caught in the genjutsu.
It creates a deep mist, deeper than the "Ninja Art: Hidden Mist Jutsu" technique. Then, while the opponent is in the mist, they get cut hard as if they were stabbed with a katana. The attacking keeps going on and on until the opponent's body goes unconscious. The only way to stop the genjutsu is for the user to stop using Aquagan or if another person knocks him out of it.]

If you joined this clan, your new bloodline jutsus will be added into your character apps, by being editted by an admin or mod.

The Clan:
Leaders(Only 2):
Bill - Clan Leader of the Rain
None - Clan Leader of the Mist



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