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Post by sourkids on Sun Oct 03, 2010 7:19 pm

Ninja's Name:Bryan.
Gender: Guy.
Age: 15.
Height/Weight(optional):TALL AND FAT LOL.
Village: Hidden Leaf Village
Chakra Element (Fire,Water,Lightning,Earth,or Wind):Water and Lightning
Bio(About your character): Hes An Orphan , has 3 other friends , and this ninja came and teached them how to use jutsus. Then developed his jutsus and became hokage in future. :3
Bloodline Jutsus(Up to 3): Byakugan . :).
Jutsus(Up to 10): Chidori , Rasengan , 90 palm thingy , Shadow clone Jutsu , 1000 kunai throwing. , Summoning turtle :D. , Summoning Dinosaur LOL , Dog Transformation , Paralyze , Slow
Inventory(What items/ninja tools do you have?): Kunai , Sword , Dagger , Never Melting Snowball Etc. TEH END. :D.

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Re: TEH CHAR. :3

Post by Bill on Sun Oct 03, 2010 7:21 pm

Please enter a descriptive bio man about your character's life, then it will be approved.

G@y bio, but Application Approved LOL.

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