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Earth Style Techniques (Doton)

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Earth Style Techniques (Doton)

Post by Bill on Tue Oct 12, 2010 7:34 pm

Basically, these are most or some of the earth style techniques used in the anime. You may use these techniques which may come in handy when creating a character and don't know what jutsus to put in.

Doton/Earth Style Techniques:

Name of Jutsu:Earth Clone Technique
Rank: C
Description: This technique creates a clone made of mud of the user. Since its made of mud, it can continue to reform and mold itself back to its original shape.

Name of Jutsu: Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique
Rank: D
Description: The user, emerging from the ground below the target area, pulls down the opponent so that only their head is above ground. Unable to move, the opponent can easily be decapitated or tortured.

Name of Jutsu: Earth Release: Earth Style Wall
Description: This jutsu creates a protective wall of earth. When used by the Third Hokage he spits mud from his mouth that solidifies into a shield against attacks. When used by Kakashi he creates a wall composed of dog sculptures to box-in Pain

Name of Jutsu: Earth Release: Rising Stone Spears
Rank: C
Description: This technique lets the user condense mud or stone, from the ground, and shape them into spikes that will protrude from the ground in order to skewer the target. The spikes cannot penetrate targets of greater density.

Name of Jutsu: Earth Release: Rock Staff
Rank: C
Description: This jutsu allows the user to take a small chunk of rock and turn it into the shape of a staff. The user can then use it as a weapon or throw it with pinpoint accuracy at their opponent. A variation of this jutsu allows the user to create several staffs and launch them at the target, but with less accuracy.

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