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How the Mission System Works

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How the Mission System Works

Post by Bill on Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:13 pm

Basically, this will tell you how to do missions THE RIGHT WAY.

First of all, you're squad leader will pick a rank the team wants to do. As you all know, the ranks of missions are D, C, B, A, and S. The higher the ranking of the mission, the better the reward.

There will be different categories, for each rank. There will be a topic listing all avaliable missions. The squad leader will choose the mission and then an admin/mod will accept the request of doing the mission. The admin/mod will create a new topic in that section for that team to do the mission. The team will have to meet the requirements of the mission to be able to complete it.

For example:
"Escort Tazuna to the Land of Waves"
C Ranked Mission
Requirements: 2 Pages of Posting, each post will have to have at least 15 words.
Reward: 40 Ryo to each member.

In order to complete that mission, you will have to post until the topic has reached 2 pages, and each post must have at least 15 words. Simple enough.

Once you have completed the mission, notify the admin/mod that created your topic or me, and they will approve of it and add your reward.

If there was a mission that requires assasination such as an S or A ranked mission, a staff member or volunteer will role-play as a rouge ninja,criminal, or something with that team and they will fight.

For Example:
"Defeat Deidara and Sasori and gather information about the Akatsuki"
A Ranked Mission
Requirements: 5 Pages of Posts, each posts must have at least 20 words.
Volunteers as Deidara and Sasori: Bill and Guest
Reward: 200 Ryo and a Free Summoning App Coupon to each member! :D

So, you basically role-play fighting the enemy, and the fight must last that long, in the example's case, 5 pages long. The volunteer or staff member's posts will count.


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