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Xana's Ninja app! :D

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Xana's Ninja app! :D

Post by Xana on Sun Oct 03, 2010 7:37 pm

Ninja's Name: Xana
Ninja's Nickname(Optional): Xana
Gender: Male (duh)
Age: 15
Height/Weight(optional): 5'10"/150 lb.
Village: Hidden Leaf
Chakra Element (Fire,Water,Lightning,Earth,or Wind): Water/Wind/Lightning

Bio(About your character): He has barely any history of him. His parents left him when he was 3 and were killed in a ninja war. A stranger took him, looked after him, trained him, and treated him like a son. Once he became 10, he had the skills to become a Jonin. Near his 11th birthday, the stranger was in his death bed. He was dying of an illness he contracted when he was a little kid. He gave Xana a scroll with justus written on it, a note to a friend in the hidden leaf, a map, and his prized possession: 15" blade. His final words were: "Go find this person at this address... He is in the hidden leaf village... This map will help you find the village... he will he-" and he died before telling Xana the last thing... Once Xana reached the village, he wandered around and found the man. The man looked at the note and started taking care of him like the stranger did. A year after the day the stranger died, the man gave Xana 2 pairs of contact lens and said, "Wear these when you're in a pinch." Xana was then sent to ninja school. Once enlisted to the ninja school, he met Bill and Drew. They became rivals and brothers after the first few days of school. They graduated at different times, became chunins, and eventually became jonins.
Now, Xana is 15, a skilled ANBU, who lives a somewhat normal life with his friends in the village...

Bloodline Jutsus(Up to 3): Aqua armor: any water around him protects him from harm (almost like Gaara's sand)
Lightning storm: Lightning comes from the ground and from the sky; great for barriers, sheilds, or an attack
Razor Wind Senses: Allows user to feel the location of enemies by the movement in the wind

Jutsus(Up to 10):
Lightning tornado: A tornado formed with lightning around it

Shadow Cone Jutsu: Creates clones that can feel and harm

Ice flower Jutsu: Ice comes from the ground and if something hot touches it, a ice flower encloses it and freezes anything inside

Gusty breath Jutsu: Chakra and wind from breath creates a huge whirlwind

Freezing breath Jutsu: Chakra, water vapor in the air and breath create sub zero atmosphere

Lightning blade Jutsu: Energy ball of lightning forms in one hand; can be used to attack directly or
used as a sword or extension for a blade

Water wave Jutsu: Water can be used to heal minor injuries

Water/Ice dragon Jutsu: A dragon made of water that is used to attack; can be turned into ice at anytime and vice versa

Atomic Rasengan: Rasengan mixed with wind, water, and lightning attributes; shaped like an atom

Inventory(What items/ninja tools do you have?):
-Scroll of jutsus
-Kunais and Shurikens
-Flash bombs and Smoke bombs
-15" blade
-2 pairs of contact lens

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Re: Xana's Ninja app! :D

Post by Bill on Sun Oct 03, 2010 7:52 pm

Application Approved all the way!

Finally, someone with a good bio lol.

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