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List of S-Ranked Missions

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List of S-Ranked Missions

Post by Bill on Wed Oct 13, 2010 7:03 pm

You must complete all A-Ranked Missions before doing these.

Here are the list of S-Ranked Missions. If you would like to do one of these, post here. Sometimes, one team may already be doing that mission, so it will become unavailable, so you can't do it until that team accomplishes or forgets about the mission. If you would like to volunteer for a mission, post here. People who will volunteer will obtain the same reward the squad recieves.


* - Available
! - Unavailable
^ - Looking for volunteer to help this mission.
***** - Special Mission, great reward!

"The Man who Controlled over 1,000 Ninjas" !
Information: TOP SECRET.
Requirements: TOP SECRET.
Reward: 500 Ryo to each member and the Title, "Savior of the Hidden {Your Village} Village!"
Extra Info: You may only do this mission when you have completed the A-Ranked Mission, "The Person behind the Genjutsus!" Also, your team members must have completed at least 20 missions.
Once your team has finished that mission, you will earn a title. Thats proof you have completed it.
If you would like to take on this mission and have completed that mission, post here. A PM will be sent to you about the mission details, and a topic will be added for your mission.

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