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Licht De Siqe

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Licht De Siqe

Post by Taiga on Tue Oct 05, 2010 11:35 pm

Ninja's Name: Licht De Siqe
Ninja's Nickname: No Eyes
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height/Weight: 6'4 ; 139lbs
Village: Konoha
Chakra Element: Fire/Wind


Bio: When he was a young man, born fresh to a pair of somewhat mediocre Chuunin parents, all Licht could dream of was being a Shinobi. His parents didn't push him to excel but he pushed himself even without them, often dragging his father along to help him train and pushing forward with the kind of excitement and excellence most would only expect from a Clan child with something to prove. Licht was bright and well skilled in Ninjutsu even during his Academy days and during those days he pushed harder then anyone else to be the best. He graduated the Academy as a #2 and was proud, but still pissed he was second and not first to the point that he challenged the first in the class to a duel, and won.

As a Genin, his impertinence cost him somewhat. Assigned a Jounin Instructor with a firm love of tongue lashings, he was often subjects to rigorous verbal reprimand for his competitive ways. It didn't help that he was assigned the man he had dueled and a Hyuuga clansman as Genin Teammates, breeding absolutely no end to pride and arrogance. Though they were one of the better teams and they learned quickly, accomplishing the low rank and file missions with efficiency, they were also loud and not exactly the most well melded group ever. He and his rival often flunked missions because of their competitive streaks and he would often also clash with the Hyuuga member of his team. And all three clashed with the Jounin instructor, often training in the most punishingly varied ways possible. In a way, these sessions strengthened them all and over time, their teamwork stopped falling short. In fact, by the time the Chuunin Exams came up, the entire group had mellowed out nicely.

The Exams were a nightmare, plain and simple. His rival ended up fighting someone who was, unknown to the group, the son of another village's ANBU and nearly killed his rival. His Hyuuga teammate also suffered greatly, only pulling through his match by a split second. Guiltily, Licht actually defeated his opponent without suffering a single wound, using a clever mixture of ninja wire and hand to hand combat. He nearly missed his match as he sat at the side of his teammates in the hospital, the only one capable of progressing in the exams and he would have never gone had his instructor not come to him and forced him to go, telling him that his teammates would never forgive him or themselves if he didn't go on. In the final combat round of the exams, he fought the man who crippled his opponent. Before the fight, he saw the young man talking with his father in the stands and they both seemed rightly pleased with themselves. From what he heard, the only reason the boy had won was because of secretly poisoned weapons. Poisoning them was not illegal obviously, but the severity of the poison would have most certainly disqualified the boy. However, Licht didn't report it. Instead, he told his Instructor and stopped him from telling any of the Exam officials. He asked for the anti-venom and for a chance at revenge. With a slightly weary heart, his mentor gave him both.

Licht took his first life in the ensuing fight, pushed into a close combat brawl that only ended after he grappled his opponent in such a way that it almost seemed like an accident when he snapped the young man's neck. The young man's father knew it wasn't however. Licht had looked into the stands and locked eyes with him as he performed the deed.

After the exams and his full promotion to Chuunin, though tarnished somewhat by the inter-village incident he caused, his team was reduced to two and their instructor, as his rival had been injured so heavily he could no longer be a ninja. His career as a Chuunin was abrupt and the turning point in his life. Before the mission in question, he had become cold. A far cry from his excitement and exuberance from before, the year he spent as a Chuunin was very somber. He and his Hyuuga partner worked with their mentor and sometimes just the two of them, the bond formed as Genin progressing into a friendship that stood the test of battle and time. It was during one of his last Chuunin missions that he lost his eye. He and his Partner were assigned to go into a remote area of Fire Country and assist their Jounin mentor on an A-Rank mission after their mentor ceased his weekly communications, tailing a spy. The Chuunin arrived at the place their mentor was supposed to be, only to be ambushed. The 'spy' turned out to be a Missing-nin hired to kill all three of them. Their mentor's body was in the place still rotting when the spy tripped his trap, the explosive tags under the Jounin's corpse doing their job. Licht's team, literally, blew up before his eyes.

To this day he doesn't remember the ensuing battle. He remembers crawling out of the burning building unable to see out of his right eye. He remembers digging through the rubble and burning his hands to the muscle to pull out his teammates, both already dead and he remembers carrying them as far as the tree line before the Missing-nin caught up to him. He doesn't fully remember the hide and seek battle that, reportedly, took place over the next 24 hours. He does remember a quick flash of ninja wire wrapping a faceless figure to a tree, however, and he does remember a barrage of shuriken and kunai failing from above, exploding notes attached to them, and from then on his memory is blurry. He was found by villagers the next day and he was able to get word back to Konoha, who sent a squad of Medic-nin to retrieve him, as well as the bodies of his team.

His right eye had been essentially fully destroyed during the battle and his team now dead, he spent the next week in the hospital recovering from the ordeal. And when he got out of the hospital, he wrote his letter of resignation and almost handed it to the Hokage. One eye and no team, trauma from the battle playing tricks on his mind, he was certain his ninja career was over for good. But his wit was still just as sharp as ever. Instead of giving into despair, at the last second he decided to continue his career in another way, the memory of his instructor pushing him to continue in memory of his team the catalyst. Instead of going back into active duty, he began to work as an instructor and adviser while training himself back to his former capacity. Medicinal visits and various sessions with a Yamanaka who offered to help him recover his memory proved that there was still something there, it had just been lost due to both trauma and, in essence, a disconnect. He pushed to overcome this and eventually, due to both his outstanding service in the village and his rapid recovery, he was promoted to Jounin.

In the year since, he has changed dramatically. No longer cold or bitter, no longer arrogant and hasty, he has settled into a simple life of missions and training. In the time since losing his eye, he's developed an entire fighting style around using it and his affinity for Fuuinjutsu to combat the loss of that eye and in fact progress beyond it, making what was a career-ending handicap now into his most famous trait. Strategy and tactical mind games mirrored with impressive combat capabilities have earned a small reputation.

Personality: In a word, fluid. An impressively intelligent man, Licht is known for his calm under pressure and a sharp, gutting wit under the same situations. 'Extravagant Tactician' is a term often thrown around in regards to him, but the truth is much less impressive; He is the type capable of making a simple, basic plan and adapting it to allow for new situations on the fly. He isn't the type to panic even in the face of death and danger, to the point that it's sometimes his folly that he refuses to give up hopeless situations.

He's a calm type of person, as that states, but he has a more fettered side to him as well; The poker term is grinder, to be accurate. While he is a sweet man, he is also a shinobi. He has compassion when it is needed, cruelty when it suits his interests. He's patient and confident in his own abilities, but quick to dismantle a failed plan and rebuild it on the spot. He's usually a mentally sound man who tries to play by the rules, but if the rules get in his way then he's not above breaking them outright. His biggest weakness is his tendency to overcompensate for a failure. If a plan falls apart, he'll try to not only repair it but make it 'better' in his mind, even if it doesn't exactly fit what is absolutely needed.

He also loves family, though he has a lack of it. He loves children and he's the type of man that despite his dedication, has a hidden love for the life outside of being a shinobi. He keeps his home well maintained and his life is essentially managed well, down to his finances. He is a neat and orderly person in his personal life.

His style is simple, in all things. Despite the sometimes eccentric method he fights with, his life outside is simple. He is a mapmaker by hobby and trade, often making detailed maps of various areas around Konoha or the Land of Fire and he also loves to explore and find new things. He's also an avid player of, oddly, Janken and often ends up in heated 'Best out of 10' Janken duels with others. In his spare time he also trains avidly, either by himself or with other Jounin or Chuunin. He even sometimes trains with Genin, using his special techniques to help them.


+Yosomegiko - [Another's Eyes Deception Seal]
An extremely quick to place seal, Licht changes the look of his Shiken with said seal. He can alter the eye to be any color or look and even imitate Dojutsu's visual look to psyche out a foe. The seal takes the shape of the kanji for 'False'

+Mekyuu - [Eye Seal]
The typical seal placed all over Licht's body, he can also produce one of these seals to place on any nearby object. It takes time to create due to it's nature and when it does, it blends into the object it's placed over. This seal connects automatically to the storage seal on Licht's back and it allows him to summon one of his Shiken to that area, which will embed itself in the object. If used on inanimate objects the seal will last for 10 posts, but when placed on an object with chakra flowing through it or a living person, unless willing, it will only last for 7 posts. Those willing to have it last on their body or items, it lasts for 6 posts.

+Shiken Hiden • Renkei - [False Vision Secret Art • Linking]
Performing a hand seal and closing his right eye, Licht is capable of connecting the nerves in his right eye to any 'Sight' Shiken within 50 meters. The 'Sight' Shiken has a 90 degree angle of vision from the seal 'pupil' and it sends back all visual information to Licht. He can only connect a max of one eye at a time with this technique and it lasts until he dispels it or 7 posts, whichever comes first. This also allows him to place the 'Sight' kanji on other eyes.

+Shiken Katon • Kenzenaka no Jutsu - [False Vision Fire Release • Seeing Red Technique]
Performing the hand seals and focusing on one of his Shiken, Licht causes one of his Shiken within 16 meters to explode with 1/3rd the force of an exploding tag. The explosion also sends out a small blast of glass shrapnel.

+Shiken Fuuton • Kazekai no Jutsu - [False Vision Wind Release • Wind Shell Technique]
Closing his hand on a Shiken and performing a seal with his other hand, Licht produces a very small 'shell' of wind around the held Shiken and it is then able to hover in the air, up to 8 meters off any surface. The shell offers no benefits besides hovering. The hovering continues even if he moves outside the original radius. This technique only effects 1 Shiken and lasts for 6 posts.

+Shiken Ninpou • Jiten Senkoume - [False Vision Ninja Art • Spinning Flash Eye]
Channeling chakra into any Shiken on his body, either in his actual eye socket or on the seals on his body, he causes it to begin spinning rapidly and it then 'shoots' out of it's socket at high speeds. It spins quite fast and is capable of penetrating wood and embedding itself in stone. It flies for 8 meters.

+Shiken Fuuton • Souhou no Jutsu - [False Vision Wind Release • Stream Cannon Technique]
Usable on any object but usually with a Shiken, Licht focuses a ball of chakra around any Shiken within 12 feet and then performs the hand seals. A forceful gust shoots forth from behind the Shiken, sending it rocketing into the air at fast speed. The gust carries it 25 feet and it can make one sharp turn during these 25 feet.

+Shiken Hiden • Eagan - [False Vision Secret Art • Air Gun Vision]
A faux dojutsu, Licht focuses chakra into his Master Eye and it swivels around in it's socket to reveal the kanji for 'Emptiness'. It then glows green and fires out a fist size blast of wind that starts out condensed but expands as it travels to an object. It hits with enough force to blast small objects out of the air or cause a bruise on a person, maybe even crack wood at close proximity. The blast travels for 9 meters.

+Shiken Fuuton • Kazesaishuu no Jutsu - [False Vision Wind Release • Wind Gathering Technique]
Performing the hand seals and then focusing on any 3 Shiken within 15 meters of him, Licht is capable of coating all three in shells of wind chakra that allow them to hover off the ground, up to 12 meters off a surface, which continues even if he moves out of range of them. The shells last for 6 posts.

+Shiken Hiden • Yoengan - [False Vision Secret Art • Burning Ember Vision]
A faux Dojutsu, Licht flows chakra into the Master Eye and it swivels in its socket to reveal the kanji for 'Fate'. It then glows orange and from the seal emits a thin beam of fire, roughly the thickness of a senbon. The beam of fire travels from the seal to an object within 15 meters and when it hits a solid object, it expands into a fist sized fireball on the object with explosive force equal to 1/6th an explosive tag.

+Shiken Hiden • Kurugan - [False Vision Secret Art • Boring Vision]
A faux dojutsu, Licht flows chakra into his Master Eye and it swivels in it's socket to reveal the kanji for 'Strife'. It then glows bright green and from the seal a forceful blast of wind about the size of a head emerges, spinning with great force. It travels for 12 meters and it can bore through wood and some stone with little problem, capable of dealing a significant amount of drill-like damage to any target.

+Shiken Hiden • Esewaugan - [False Vision Secret Art • Shamwow Eye]
A faux dojutsu, Licht flows chakra into his Master Eye and it swivels in it's socket to reveal the kanji for 'Absorption'. The kanji on his eye then begins to spin rapidly, glowing green as air begins to be pulled into it. A forceful vacuum of wind draws objects within a three foot wide, three foot tall and six foot long tunnel like pressure wind sucks up most similarly or lesser ranked Suiton jutsu, Fuuton jutsu and Raiton jutsu safely, allowing him to essentially 'pull' jutsu along a path and redirect it, or pull it closer to him. With proper techniques, he could seal these elements and redirect them automatically. Katon techniques will simply ignite the pressure tunnel badly and turn it into a flaming mess while Doton techniques are simply unaffected. This technique also effects objects such as senbon, kunai, shuriken and weapons of most types, though the limit of weight is roughly 80lbs per item. Anything heavier will only be slowed.

+Shiken Hiden • Renrakusen - [False Vision Secret Art • Connecting Line]
Performing a hand seal and closing his right eye, Licht is capable of connecting the nerves in his right eye to any 3 'Sight' Shiken within 30 meters. The 'Sight' Shiken has a 90 degree angle of vision from the seal 'pupil' and it sends back all visual information to Licht. He can connect 3 eyes at a time with this technique and it lasts until he dispels it or 9 posts, whichever comes first.

+Shiken Hiden • Hieagan - [False Vision Secret Art • Fire and Air Eye]
A faux dojutsu, Licht channels chakra into his Master Eye and performs several hand seals, causing the eye to swivel in it's socket to reveal two kanji in the middle of the eye, both side by side where the pupil would be, One for 'Wish' and one for 'Doubt', then both glow a vibrant white color, then the eye begins spinning, blending the two kanji together as a violent gust of wind blows out from the seal, roughly three foot tall and five feet wide, and then a blast of fire roughly one foot wide and half an inch tall joins it. Together they form a quick and suddenly blast of hot, fast flames that blast out from his eye that is five feet wide and three foot tall. It travels up to 15 meters very quickly and can burn most woods and chars/cracks stone extremely easy, even weakening some metals.

+Shiken Ninpou • Kujome-bore - [False Vision Ninja Arts • Destruction Eye Volley]
A ninjutsu technique used by Licht. By charging one of the seals on his body with chakra, he can cause it to fire up to 10 Shiken at once from a single seal, bypassing the typical socketing phase while shooting them out in rapid succession for maximum damage. It also activates any special Shiken used with the technique. It fires them at high speeds and strength for up to 12 meters.

+Shiken Hiden • Satsugan - [False Vision Secret Art • Waste Eye]
A faux dojutsu, Licht channels chakra into his 'Master' Eye and performs a series of hand seals, holding the final seal. His 'Master' Eye swivels in it's socket to reveal a black ring of kanji around a centralized kanji for 'Destruction' and they both glow bright green before the eye begins to spin. A hard wave of cutting wind erupts from the eye, as wide as 6 meters and as tall as 4 meters, and 8 meters long. It pushes back most inanimate objects weighing less than 120lbs and anyone caught in the wave. The real danger is that the wind is extremely sharp and can cut through even most metals very easily, dicing them apart into small pieces that are thrown back. This wind lasts for 4 posts only and when it ends, the 'Master' Eye becomes dormant due to the amount of chakra used and no further techniques involving it can be used for 2 posts after this jutsu ends.

+Shiken Fuuton • Gufuuharetsu no Jutsu - [False Vision Wind Release • Tornado Explosion]
Performing the hand seals and focusing on any 10 Shiken within 16 meters, Licht causes them to explode violently with the force of 1/2 an Exploding Tag, each. They send out small shards of broken glass each, but the real damage is that he concentrates Fuuton chakra into the Shiken as well. The eyes explode with high speed winds that act as cutting blades, cutting through wood or stone and severely damaging any metal within a 3.5 meter radius around each Shiken.

+Shiken Hiden • Goukagen - [False Vision Secret Art • Hellfire Eye]
A faux Dojutsu, Licht channels chakra into his Master Eye while performing a series of hand seals and it swivels quickly, revealing what looks like several black dots on the eye. Each of the dots glows red as Katon chakra is channeled in. They must be channeled for one post, completely locking up any ability to use any other jutsu during this time, though the user can still move and respond otherwise. Once the chakra has been channeled, the jutsu is unleashed.

Twenty lines of flame as thin as a senbon erupt from the eye, traveling through the air at almost instantaneous speeds and smashing into any solid object they encounter for up to 20 meters, in a pattern that essentially scattershots in a 10 foot wide, 5 foot tall area. Once these lines have connected, they burn and char the affected target for a split second before expanding, rapidly. They go from about one inch tall and half an inch thick, to three feet wide and three feet tall. The flames consume rapidly and expand with explosive force, each one expanding with 1/4th the force of an explosive tag. They cover a ten foot tall, ten foot wide and 12 foot long area in an intense inferno that rapidly burns and chars. Then they all at once dissipate. The main danger of the technique is that while simple, it all happens relatively fast.

While the technique is active, Licht must close his left eye and focus some of his chakra to his body to ward off the intense heat and force, meaning he is defenseless while the technique is active and for 3 posts, the Master Eye is completely unusable as it recovers from technique.

+Chakra Kai [Chakra Release]
Chakra Kai is a simple jutsu used by Licht to activate his weapons and many other purposes. The user does a quick one handed hand seal and releases a bit of his chakra to activate seals, exploding tags, or whatever other purpose they wish.

+Kyuu Henge [Substance Transformation]
By putting the kanji for “substance” on their body somewhere, the user is able to transform themselves or someone else in much the same fashion that the Henge no Jutsu does. The main difference to this is that this jutsu is able to last for long periods of time, and the recipient of its effects actually take on the physical form of their transformation. However, this jutsu is not so advanced that users are able to completely metamorphose at will. For instance, using this jutsu on a cow would be useful for making it look like a lion, but its size wouldn’t be affected, nor would it suddenly possess the agility and speed of a lion. It would, however, have teeth and claws.

+Fuuin Kyouso [Sealed Weapon]
Fuuin Kyouso is a Fuuinjutsu utilized by Licht. By creating the necessary tattoo on his/her body or utilizing a tattoo that is free, Licht is able to seal a weapon into the tattoo. In order to call the weapon out, the user must either use Chakra Kai and concentrate on the needed spot, or do a hand seal and apply some of their own blood to the corresponding area.


Inventory: Licht uses a wide variety of Fake Eyes as ninja weapons, to the point of creating an entire arsenal based around them. Each one has a comparative function to a normal ninja tool and is usually accompanied with Fuuinjutsu. They are all stored inside seals on his body, mostly the massive seal on his back.

*The Seals - The seals on Licht's palms and arm are partially embedded and layered under the skin, so when they are summoned they essentially open up a small 'socket' in the middle of the seal that allows them to set on the arm or palms to be controlled via chakra.

All Shiken are stored inside the Seal on his Back and they can be summoned to any of the eye tattoos on his body.

*Shiken Types - [Note: All Shiken are the size of a typical human eye, which is recognized as 25 milimeters, or roughly 2.5 centimeters/1 inch in diameter.]
*x43 'Normal' Shiken - These eyes are typical white, glassy eyes that are, well, the size of eyes and made of an extremely solid, light glass material that is extremely hard to shatter or break, comparable to metal in terms of resistance. They can be inscribed with Fuuinjutsu and are quite chakra sensitive, enabling him to use them in various ways.
*x12 'Flash' Shiken - These eyes are a golden color with the kanji for 'flash' in place of the pupil. When channeled with Chakra Kai, they explode in a blinding flash of light equal to a flash tag.
*x12 'Smoke' Shiken - These eyes are a murky gray color with the kanji for 'smoke' in place of the pupil. When channeled with Chakra Kai, they explode in a billowing cloud of smoke equal to one smoke bomb.
*x11 'Sight' Shiken - These eyes are a clear, crystal color that is practically opaque save for a single pupil on them that is black in color. In actuality, the pupil is made up of thousands of small seals imprinted on the clear crystalline pupil. When activated via a special Ninjutsu, these orbs connect the visual range of the pupil to the remaining nerves inside Licht's right eye. Further drawbacks and visual range listed in the technique.
*x40 'Spike' Shiken - These eyes are a metallic silver color all over and resemble small pachinko with ten kanji on them, each seal roughly half an inch in diameter. When channeled with Chakra Kai, these seals each grow out a two inch long, half inch wide wickedly grooved and pointed spike with enough force that if it were touching stone, the spikes would skewer through it.
*x40 'Boost' Shiken - These eyes look like typical Shiken, glassy white fake eyes, except they have the Kanji for 'fire' on the back. When activated via Chakra Kai, this seal explodes into a jet of flames measuring at five inches long and one inch wide, propelling the Shiken with great force across long distances. The flame gout propels the eye for 20 feet in any one direction, lasting for 2 posts and can burn those it comes into contact with, though extremely minor. Scalding the skin without prolonged contact, at worst.
*x18 'Live' Eyes - These eyes are a pure, snow white with the kanji for 'Breath' on them in place of a pupil. Inside a small, black core is visible with black lines arcing out from the inside. The core is actually what one could consider a chakra battery and the lines are replacement nerves. When placed inside Licht's right eye, they will temporarily connect to his nerves without the need for a technique and he can use it for vision, though only for 4 posts as this method is mostly incomplete. He can also use these for his special Shiken Bunshin technique to serve as a core for the clone.
*x1 'Master' Eye, The Sungan - This eye is made of crystal blue glass and has seals on it in various spots. These seals are all reactive to chakra and work with the Shiken Hiden' ninjutsu that Licht uses. The eye has a condensed chakra battery core as well.
*x1 Faux Eye - His typical false eye, only this one he wears at all times. This one simply has his normal eye color and pupil imprinted on it to mimic his left eye. It can be used the same way as his Shiken, but is just styled to match his normal eye.
*x5 Kunai - Kept inside his coat, right pocket.
*x5 Blood Loss Pills - Kept inside coat, left inner pocket.

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O....My....Gawd.....ITS LIKE A GABILLION LINES!!!!!!!!!


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