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Metal's Summon App

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Metal's Summon App

Post by DeiderereraLOL(akaMetal) on Mon Oct 04, 2010 4:18 pm

Name: Ju
Owner's Name: Dui
Type: A Sand Wolf (Wolf that can vomit up unlimited amounts of sand at will, thus it also can feed on sand as if it was food)
Gender: Male
Height: 45 Feet
Weight: 1245 lbs
Description: A basic summoning sand wolf that strolls around the sand dunes looking for a purpose. For a long time, these wolves have been unknown to man.
Personality: Overconfident, Cocky, Caring for Owner, and Very reckless.
Picture(Optional): U CANT LOOK AT MAH WOLF MENG!
Weapons: Mystic Orbs *2 (Floating orbs controllled by the sand wolf's mind, it contains about 600 lbs of sand in each one, Each orb is about 25 feet)
Chakra Type: Wind
Jutsu(Up to five):
Sand Vomiting (technically not jutsu)
Sand spread jutsu (Controls all sand in or around area to spread out)
Desert Titan Jutsu (A titan made of sand *lots of sand is required* It will disperse in 3-5 minutes and acts as if it was a summon monster. Controlled by sand wolf. 30 ft.)
Sharp bullet sand jutsu (Shoots out large balls of sand at a 210 miles per hour speed, can cause fatal damage)
Desert burial (Engulfs something or someone in sand to they point where they can be crushed, can be controlled by both Wolf and Owner when used)

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Re: Metal's Summon App

Post by Bill on Mon Oct 04, 2010 4:29 pm

Summon Application Approved.


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