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Bill's [Admin's] Ninja Application

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Bill's [Admin's] Ninja Application

Post by Bill on Sun Oct 03, 2010 1:53 pm

Ninja's Name: Bill
Ninja's Nickname(Optional): N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Height/Weight(optional): 5'1 , 90 lbs
Village: Rouge Ninja of the Leaf; Mizukage of the Rain
Chakra Element (Fire,Water,Lightning,Earth,or Wind): Water and Lightning

Bio(About your character):
Bill was born in the Hidden Leaf Village.
During ages 1 - 5, he lived a peaceful life. He had many preschool and elementary school friends. He also had this special power that nobody recongnized yet. During his life, he was very smart, and was way ahead of his class. By 3, he already knew his multiplication table. Bill was pretty popular during his life in those ages.

At age 6, he was given a scholarship to the Ninja Academy. He accepted it, and joined the academy. He learned everything, and got straight As. He was considered a rival of Sasuke, because of his skills and grades. But the girls always thought Sasuke was better anyways. Before everyone learned the substitution, clone, and transformation jutsus, Bill already knew some beginner techniques. He already knew Water Clone Jutsu and knew how to manipulate water a little bit. Soon, Bill graduated the academy before any other students did.

As a genin, his teacher was Kakashi. He tested Bill and he passed with flying colors. During the test, he simply had to steal one bell from Kakashi. Kakashi was impressed in the battle.
Bill vs. Kakashi - Click the Spoiler to read about the battle.
Bill started off using his Water Clone Jutsu to create water clones. Kakashi didn't seem impressed though. He pulled out his Make-Out Paradise book and started reading. The clones and I threw shurikens and kunais towards Kakashi, but he used Substitution to escape. He came up from behind the clones and slashed the clones with a kunai. I dodged the kunai before it hit me. I then ran towards Kakashi, charging like a freak. Kakashi used his Shadow Clone Jutsu, and had his clones charge at me. It was then I learned a new jutsu. The Kakashi clones attacking me, sending me plunging into a nearby lake. Kakashi appeared and waited for me to come back up. All of a sudden, a big wave of water rose up out of the lake and moved towards Kakashi at a high speed. Bill named the jutsu, "Tsunami Wave Jutsu". He also named his power of manipulating water, "Water Control Jutsu". Kakashi couldn't dodge it, because it was very huge. He decided to run. He ran through the forest, but the wave kept crashing through the trees. Kakashi had no choice, so he pulled out his Sharingan. But, before he could do anything, one of my water clones and pulled up a Kunai next to Kakashi's neck. The real me decided to stop the wave, before it did any damage. The real me came up to Kakashi, saying, "You've lost," and I took the bell.
Kakashi and I went on several missions. The missions were very easy to Bill because of his skills, and he accomplished the D Ranked Missions in a flash. Using his water clone jutsu, he caught ran-away cats. Using his water control jutsu, he washed many clothes and helped make babies happy by preforming tricks with the water. In about a month, Bill was assigned C - B ranked missions.

Bill accomplished all his missions and returned to the village in one piece. Because of this, the Third Hokage decided to rank me up to Chuunin. Bill became a Chuunin at the age 7. Then, Kakashi left the team, in order to teach his new team, Team 7 of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. I was assigned missions with Jounins, and completed them. Some feedback from other Jounins were that I helped them get out of serious trouble. They also said if Bill wasn't there, they would've been dead by now. Because of all the Jounin's amazements, Bill became Jounin at the age of 11.

One day, one a mission alone, he was supposed to gather information about the Akatsuki. He encountered the akatsuki members Itachi and Kisame. Bill didn't know what they meant by "Come with us, we need your demon." Then, he realized he had a demon inside of them, the three tailed Turtle. Bill had no choice but to fight them, so he did.

Bill vs. Itachi and Kisame - Click the Spoiler to read the battle.
The scene was near the Village Hidden in the Grass.

I was surrounded, so I tried to think of a way to escape. I was told they were very strong. Itachi started off using his Sharingan, and I noticed its the same Doujutsu Kakashi and Sasuke has. Kisame instantly came up from behind and tried to slash my arms off. He slashed it, but he slashed my water clone. Then, I came up from behind and used my Water Control Jutsu to bind Kisame in my water. Kisame couldn't get free. I decided to take on Itachi, one on one. Itachi used his Mangekyo Sharingan, and I looked into his eyes. At the time, I didn't know about the Mangekyo Sharingan. I was then caught in his genjutsu.

I was pinned on a tree, and couldn't move a finger. Itachi's shadow clones were surrounding me, each holding a sword. They all stabbed me, for the next 72 hours. I couldn't take the pain any longer. They kept stabbing me and left the sword in my body, and I was screaming like hell for help. Finally, the last sword struck my forehead.

I was out of the genjutsu. I collapsed, tired. I didn't think I could fight any longer. I noticed that Kisame was free from my rope bind. Kisame came up to me slowly with a big evil grin on his face. Kisame then took out his sword, and slashed my arms. His sword then sealed my chakra, and I couldn't move my arms anymore. Itachi came up, and used a jutsu I recongnized. Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu. I thought it was over for me. He blasted me with a big strong flame, and I was sent flying towards the exit of the Hidden Leaf Forest.

I was then unconscious. Just then, I felt this healing power in me. It healed some of my wounds, then I lost control of myself. Itachi and Kisame made a suprised grunt, and then I felt this power taking over my body and I blanked out

Then, the three-tailed chakra started to come out of my body. Itachi and Kisame was surprised, then backed off. The were finally going to get serious. Then, the chakra came out of my body, covering it. I was then being controlled by the demon, and I could see what was happening. I couldn't control the beast, though. Then my demon-self had a face on it that looked like it was ready to kill.

Demon Form Bill [One-Tailed] vs. Itachi and Kisame - Click the Spoiler to read about the battle.
We'll call the Demon Formed Bill [One-Tailed] One-Tailed Bill for now, okay? Kay.

One-Tailed Bill disappeared and reappeared behind Kisame and punched him so hard he flew flying and crashing into a tree. It disappeared again and reappeared infront of Kisame the moment Kisame realized what just happened. One-Tailed Bill used his Water Prison Jutsu, and caught Kisame again. But the Prison was different than a normal one, it was covered with slightly visible green chakra. Inside, Kisame seemed like he was suffering or something, and he couldn't breathe as well.

One-Tailed Bill created water clones to attack Itachi. Itachi used his Mangekyo Sharingan against the real one, but it didn't seem to have affect. One-Tailed Bill canceled the genjutsu using his willpower and strength. One-Tailed Bill then realized how much suffering Kisame had, and One-Tailed Bill started laughing in an evil voice. Itachi came up close and tried to push One-Tailed Bill out of the way to release the Prison. But, it worked. One-Tailed Bill lost control of the prison, and Kisame was free. But, Kisame looked all damaged, and he was wounded from that prison. Kisame was amazed on the power of just being enprisoned. Then he took out this sword and said, "I can't wait till this bastard to be captured. Lets get him, Itachi!"

Itachi used his Shadow Clone Jutsu, and Kisame used his Water Clone Jutsu. Their were many Kisames and Itachis all around One-Tailed Bill. One-Tailed Bill used his Tsunami Wave though, and destroyed all the clones. Then, the landscape changed. It was all flooded, filled with deep sea water with some green chakra visible. So the water was slightly glowing green.

Then, the water seemed to come to life, and grabbed Itachi's and Kisame's legs. Then One-Tailed Bill charged towards them, punching both of them, each with one hand. Itachi and Kisame were sent flying far away. Then, One-Tailed Bill couldn't move all of a sudden.

The demon controlling Bill realized it was a genjutsu all this time, and he punched illusions. The scene changed back to just a flooded land with Itachi standing normally. Kisame came up from behind and slashed the demon, and then about half of One-Tailed Bill's Chakra disappeared. Also, Bill was wounded on his back now, from the slash. Kisame then came for the final blow and tried to stab the legs. Kisame yelled, " You're done for, bastard! "

But, before the sword even touched One-Tailed Bill, a big wave of lightning shot out of it's Chakra, blasting Kisame away and paralyzing him. That was the moment One-Tailed Bill learned the Jutsu, "Raiton: Lightning Death Wave" . Bill, inside his soul, noticed he learned a new technique from his demon. One-Tailed Bill then used Raiton: Lightning Death Wave again, but shot it towards Itachi. Itachi jumped up, avoiding the attack. He then threw explosive bombs towards me. It exploded creating huge waves of water crashing in on One-Tailed Bill. Itachi then used "Copy Sharingan" and used, Raiton: Lightning Death Wave to paralyze One-Tailed Bill. And it succeeded. One-Tailed Bill was paralyzed. Once the water and everything calmed down, Itachi walked towards One-Tailed Bill. Then, the demon's chakra disappeared, and then the Water disappeared all of a sudden. Bill then fell on the ground, all damaged and became unconscious

Before Bill become conscious again, he was already being carried to the Akatsuki's hideout ASAP. Bill became conscious a little and tried to move. But, because of the wound on his back and the effect of Raiton: Lightning Death Wave, he couldn't move a finger. He just layed there on Kisame's back, waiting for death. They've traveled pretty far, through the Land of Grass, the Hidden Sand's Village Desert of Death (If you played Naruto Path of the Ninja 2, you know what I'm talking about.), and through the Land of Stone. Bill tried to move the moment they've reached the Land of Stone. He struggled, but still, it didn't seem Kisame and Itachi noticed he was conscious. Then, something inside of Bill was trying to contact him. He heard a voice, but couldn't make it out. The Three Tails wanted to negotiate with him.

Bill's conversation with Sanbi - Click the Spoiler to read about it.
The scene was a foggy lake, and I couldn't see a thing in the fog. Then I noticed infront of me, their was the Sanbi, just sitting there watching me. I noticed it had sealing tags all over its body, so it looks like it couldn't move.

Bill: What do you want?!
Sanbi: Remove the seals.. I'll help you.. kill them..
Bill: No thanks. The reason why I lost to them because you took over. I don't need your help!
Sanbi: Listen kid, if I die, you die. Either way, if you don't let the seal out, we're both dead!
Bill: These are all lies.. I don't need this! Shut up!!
Sanbi: You're stubborn aren't you.. trust me kid, I got this..
Bill: No! Enough! I don't need any of your power! I am capable of handling this myself! You're powers are far to weak!
Sanbi: ....Weak? I'll show you my powers. And you'll determine if they're weak or not.
Bill: Huh?!

Bill vs. Sealed Sanbi - Click the spoiler to read the battle.
I was standing on the lake, in the deep fog.. I couldn't see a thing. "Damn it, we shouldn't fight! Let me out of the weird place!" I kept shouting. Just then, a big wave came towards me, and I noticed it coming from sound. I threw some kunais with explosive tags on it, but it didn't stop the attack. It kept coming. "It's on then.." Suiton: Tsunami Wave Jutsu!

A big wave of mine crashed onto Sanbi's, and it was pouring rain heavily. Water Clone Jutsu! I created clones all around the lake, and tried to spot Sanbi. It was nowhere to be found on the lake. Just then, all my water clones were hit by a little wave, and disappeared. I spotted the Sanbi's location, and ran towards it. Just then though, water balls were flying towards me.

Sanbi: "Menacing Water Ball!"

I dodged all of them easily, and came running towards the Sanbi.

Sanbi: "Take this! Sonic Roar!"

A big wave of water came rushing towards me at high speed, and I got hit and plunged down into the lake. I saw a large body coming towards me, and it looked ready to attack. Sanbi's tails wrapped around me, making me unable to move. It pulled me out of the water, and then the fog cleared. I saw the Sanbi's face close to me, while it's tail wrapped around me still.

Bill: "..Water Manipulation..."

A big whirlpool of water come and hit the tails of the Sanbi's, allowing it to open. I rushed out of the tail's reach to not get caught, and then I backed off.

Bill: "Damn it.. Let me out of this place!"

I looked into the eyes of the Sanbi's and it changed colors to white. I thought, "What the hell?" and then the place cleared. Sanbi was showing me something.

Sanbi: Illusionary Mist Jutsu! You will now see my true powers!

I saw back at the days I was in the Ninja Academy, when I was racing Sasuke on who could throw and hit the most shurikens onto the target. Then I saw a weird figure near Sasuke, and the Instructor. It was the shape of the Sanbi. I saw it's tail with a sharp point, and I screamed, "NO!!"

Sanbi's tail destroyed Sasuke and the instructor.. then the scene changed into when I was on a mission with Jounins in the Hidden Leaf forest, trying to kill enemy rouge ninja that attacked our village. The jounin were just about to kill the enemy, then Sanbi's tail struck right through the Jounins, killing them. I screamed like hell..

It kept showing me flashbacks of my pasts, but worst, it kept murdering all the ones I truly cared about. I couldn't take it anymore. I was going nuts. I screamed and started banging my head everywhere there was an object. I couldn't take it anymore. Finally, when I thought I would've died from hurting my head, the illusion disappeared and I was laying down on the lake.

Sanbi: These.. are my true power...

The scene then disappeared and reappeared back to where Itachi and Kisame are bringing me to the hideout

My rage started to build up inside of me. Then, the lightning that paralyzed me became my own powers.

"Chidori Nagashi!"

Lightning blasted all over from my body sending Kisame and Itachi flying.
"This brat is annoying," Kisame complained.
"This time, we'll get serious, alright Kisame?" Itachi said calmy.
"FUCK YEAH. Let's get him!" Kisame said in a delighted voice.
"Try me." I said with rage inside of me.

Bill vs. Itachi and Kisame - Round 2 - Click the spoiler to read about the battle.
The scene was on the forest.

"Chidori Nagashi!" lightning appeared all around my body as a shield. Itachi came up from behind in an instant.
"Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu!"
Kisame instantly then was infront forming handsigns very fast.
"Water Style: Water Shark Bomb Jutsu!"
The fire ball and the water blast was coming towards me at full speed. It hit, creating big waves of water and flames all around. Itachi and Kisame looked to see if I were uncounscious again. I was still standing there, unharmed.
"You're dead." I said.
I channeled the lightning all over my body towards my hand, creating a ball of lightning. I charged forward like a crazy pyscho. Itachi closed his eyes and opened them, unleashing his Mongekyo Sharingan. Kisame came up it from then tried to slash me. My hand and his sword hit each other, while Itachi came up from behind with a Kunai next to my neck. My chidori was absorbed by Kisame's sword then. My chidori faded away, I had a kunai next to my neck, and Kisame could kill me any time now. I lost.
"Itachi, let me cut one leg and arm, please." Kisame said.
"Knock him out first.." Itachi replied softly as if he didn't care.
"No.. you can't knock me out!"
My hands turned into fish-like claws, my head was forming like a shark's head, I grew fins along my arms, and slashed both Kisame and Itachi in an instant. They were wounded pretty bad now on their legs, which made their speed a little bit slower.
"What the hell.." Kisame yelled.
"Don't let your guard do-" Itachi tried to finish it, but something happened.
My claws slashed through Kisame and Itachi's back just like that, and I kicked them down to the forest floor.
Tsunami Wave Jutsu! A big wave of water suddenly appeared and came crashing down towards Itachi and Kisame, and they were pushed all the way down to the ground of the forest. My shark-like appearance then disappeared

I used the remaining of my chakra to run as fast as I could back to the Hidden Leaf Village, and I made it. The villagers welcomed me back as if I was some hero or something. I told the Third Hokage about the Akatsuki's goal, and the two members I've fought. Itachi and Kisame. I also told him about my demon inside of me, and he was surprised. He gave me time to rest for about a week then I was assigned a mission after resting one week.

After that one week, I set out for my mission. But before I left the village, nobody greeted me, they avoided me, and whispers were all around. I was thinking what the hell.. then proceeded. When I was almost ready to leave, some Chuunins and Jounins were making fun of my inner demon then the disappeared. I thought of how the rumor got out. Everybody in the village came around then started making fun of me and calling me mean names. Even the academy students I was training with. I was raged.
"You will all regret this! You'll see!"

I stormed out of the village and completed my mission, killing the rouge ninjas who targeted this village in an instant with my new jutsu.. Shark Growth Jutsu.I came back to the village, and all these people were in their houses, and nobody was outside. One kid was walking around then their parent pulled him back to the house and I heard the parent said,
"Don't go near him! He's dangerous!"

My rage inside builded even more. I completed my mission and returned to the Hokage.

That night when I went back to my house, there was graffiti and all mean comments on my house. I went in, then found everything destroyed and my ryo was stolen.

"Thats the last straw." I said to myself.

That was then I left the Hidden Leaf Village as a Rouge Ninja. I settled off going anywhere. A group of ninjas covered in a black cloak with bamboo hats covering their faces appeared infront of me.

"I've heard you're one of the strongest ninjas in the leaf.. huh?" one ninja said.

"Beat it losers. I'm not from the leaf."

I took my headband of the leaf and threw it away.

"Hmm.. something happened to you at the Leaf heh?" Another ninja said.

I pulled out a kunai and said, "Beat it, or die."

"Tch, its on. We'll show you the true power of our village. If you are proven worthy by us, we'll accept you into our village, and you will get free things, a shelter, food, everything! But you must prove yourself worthy.." some of the ninjas said.

Bill vs. Hidden ??? Ninjas. - Click the spoiler to read about the battle.

The group started off using Water Clone Jutsu, creating clones all around me, about 200 of em. I was surrounded.
"Show us what you got, leaf boy!"
I used my Tsunami Wave Jutsu first off, destroying all the clones. Then, 2 ninjas came up from behind with a senbon/needle and tried to stab me. I used Chidori Nagashi to reflect and shock the enemy ninja. I created a sword out of water using my water manipulation. I channeled my Chidori Nagashi power into it, creating a water-lightning sword. I instantly came from behind some of the ninjas who were just standing there, and slashed them. They were paralyzed and wounded on their back now. They had no way of moving. Then, 3 of the ninjas were in the air and all used a jutsu.
Ninja 1: Water Style: Aqua Landscape!
Ninja 2: Wind Style: Killer Blow!
Ninja 3: Water Style: Freezing Breath!

The first ninja had millions of gallons of water coming out of his mouth creating a watery-like battlefield. The Killer Blow jutsu moved the water all around in a gusty wind, which made it hard to see. Finally, the freezing breath jutsu froze the water while its being moved in the air, creating ice popping everywhere making it hard to move. I analyzed the group of ninjas left, and only 4 of them left. But I couldn't find the fourth ninja. Then, from the ground, a hand popped out and grabbed my leg. Then the ice started to form on my leg and froze my leg.
Ninja 3: Hehe.. you've lost now.. Water Style: Ultimate Freezing Jutsu!

Ice started popping out of my body and freezing me all over. Soon, my whole body became frozen besides my head. The ninja under the ice came out with there senbons. I noticed it had a purple glob on it, which was poison.
Ninja 4: So much for this twerp, die!

Just then, my eyes turned dark blue with a weird sign on it. The opponents looked into my eyes, and then all of a sudden they fell over unconscious, and the ice disappeared.
Bill: What the...?
Ninjas: What..great.. powe-..

Their voices died off.

All of a sudden, the group of ninja's body disappeared and a Messenger Bird flew towards me. It gave me a letter, then poofed into thing air. I've read the letter, and it was an invitation.

"You have proven us worthy of being our hero, come to our village and help make us stronger. You're powers are very useful, please join us. Everything you will need will be provided by our ninjas. This is a one in a lifetime opportunity. Our Village is known as the..

Hidden Rain Village.
Choose your decision wisely.."

I decided to take on that opportunity. I traveled to the Hidden Rain.

*Bio is still incomplete, will update it later.*

[color=blue]Bloodline Jutsus/color]
Specialty 1: Aqua Life [Is able to breathe underwater]
Specialty 2: Three Tailed Demon's Special [Is able to get chakra from the inner demon Sanbi and also heal wounds from it's power.]
Specialty 3: Aquagan [Doujutsu type technique (Eye Technique) - Is able to read the opponents movements in an instant and copy their techniques like the Sharingan's. If using Aquagan near water or at water, its power is increased. It allows me to create strong genjutsu and learn the opponents jutsu's before they even preform it.]

Specialty 4: The Killing Mist [Doujutsu type technique (Eye Technique) - Only usable if Aquagan is being used an if near or at water - Just by doing a single handsign or if the enemy looks towards my eye, the get caught in the genjutsu.
It creates a deep mist, deeper than the "Ninja Art: Hidden Mist Jutsu" technique. Then, while the opponent is in the mist, they get cut hard as if they were stabbed with a katana. The attacking keeps going on and on until the opponent's body goes unconscious. The only way to stop the genjutsu is for the user to stop using Aquagan or if another person knocks him out of it.]

Jutsus(Up to 10):
[*]Camoflauge Jutsu [Camoflauges to the terrain, opponents unable to find me]
[*]Aqua Sword Summon [Manipulates all the water around to create a deadly, sharp sword]
[*]Water Clone Jutsu [Creates Water Clones of myself]
[*]Water Control Jutsu [Able to control,create, and manipulate water out of nowhere]
[*]Tsunami Wave Jutsu [Summons a huge wave of water and strikes at opponent]
[*]Sword Control [Able to control the sword using any part of my body]
[*]Shark Growth Jutsu [Body turns shark-like; grows fangs, gills, etc..]
[*]Water Prison Jutsu [Traps foe in a water orb, they can't breathe or move in it]
[*]Chidori [Summons a lightning based attack onto my hands to stab on an enemy]
[*]Lightning Death Wave [Summons a big wave of lightning that follows the enemy, if hit enemy gets stunned for a long period of time]
[*]Chidori Nagashi [Lightning appears all over my body protecting me from any harm. If anything/anyone touches the lightning, they'll take the same amount of damage as if they were hit by Chidori.]

Inventory(What items/ninja tools do you have?):

[*]Kunai Knives
[*]Paper Bombs
[*]Smoke Bombs


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